What’s the problem with a broad education? (Or why Nicky Morgan is wrong)

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I wasn’t going to get too heated about UK Education Secretary Nicky Morgan’s apparent suggestion that students should ditch the arts humanities in favour of the sciences. I wasn’t going to rise to the bait of yet another politician seeming … Continue reading

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Could movie be the beginning of the end for Postman Pat?

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It was, perhaps, only a matter of time, but one can’t but help feel a little concern about the impending arrival of Postman Pat: The Movie. For those of us who have only just got our heads around the step … Continue reading

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We need sharp focus in Bell’s political picture, not the fuzzy lines of impressionism

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In startling news from Tynwald yesterday, Chief Minister Allan Bell revealed he is considering reform of the structure and systems of the Council of Ministers. As usual, the nitty gritty of this has yet to be spelled out: will it … Continue reading

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Put a giant egg timer behind the president’s chair – how to make Tynwald question time fairer

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It may be the summer recess but, fear not, members of Tynwald have plenty of opportunity for some navel gazing. The format of Tynwald question time is in the spotlight. Speaker of the House of Keys Steve Rodan, as chairman … Continue reading

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Early morning starts drive desperate dad to poetry (with apologies to Axl Rose)

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It’s finally happened. The early mornings have driven me to poetry. So, it’s time to show some solidarity with all the other parents of babies out there. It’s 5am: A parent’s lament It’s 5am and we’re both awake; You’ve barely … Continue reading

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It’s not Holly Willoughby’s dress the BBC should be apologising for….

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So the poor old BBC has donned the sackcloth and ashes once more. This time it is showing contrition over a presenter’s décolletage. Apparently Holly Willoughby has rather too much of one. At least, she did when presenting the final … Continue reading

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Dr Edgar Mann: a politician from the old school

It was with a genuine feeling of sadness that I learned of the death of Dr Edgar Mann. The former MHK and MLC was from a different era in politics, but he played a major role in Tynwald; in his … Continue reading

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Life Without George and Biker Gove – television re-imaginings we can only dream of

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Following the exciting and earth-shattering news that Birds of a Feather is to return after 15 years for another series, I can reveal exclusively that a number of other old favourites are to be revived and re-imagined. However, we should … Continue reading

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At least he never made Peter Karran a minister…five reasons to not be annoyed that Tony Brown is getting an OBE

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So, it’s just been announced in the birthday honours, that former chief minister Tony Brown is to be awarded an OBE. I’m not convinced we are going to hear a fanfare of approval, if his profile in various online forums … Continue reading

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The other education reforms under consideration by Michael Gove

There is much excitement at the current exam reform proposal from Education Secretary Michael Gove. The last wheeze appears to be to take a leaf out of the Thomas Gradgrind book of education, make learning less interesting and more about … Continue reading

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