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We need sharp focus in Bell’s political picture, not the fuzzy lines of impressionism

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In startling news from Tynwald yesterday, Chief Minister Allan Bell revealed he is considering reform of the structure and systems of the Council of Ministers. As usual, the nitty gritty of this has yet to be spelled out: will it … Continue reading

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Who has been the best chief minister of the Isle of Man?

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Since the ministerial system of government was first introduced to the Isle of Man in 1986, there have been five chief ministers. Who do you think has been the best? Here’s a very brief reminder of the five and then you … Continue reading

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An island’s shame: the abject failure to implement disability discrimination laws

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In October 2006, the Disability Discrimination Act for the Isle of Man received royal assent after it was approved by the branches of Tynwald. It was supposed to demand minimum levels of disabled access to buildings and prevent discrimination against … Continue reading

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Will core principles lead to bad taste for Isle of Man public? Chief Minister’s Agenda for Change assessed

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NB: There is a poll at the bottom of this article for you to say whether your confidence in Allan Bell has increased. Here we have it. Allan Bell has announced his government’s core policies. Or as he now calls … Continue reading

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Mittens for Mr Cregeen – minister’s approach risks creating a battle Isle of Man could do without (updated)

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WITH UPDATE TO ORIGINAL ARTICLE AT THE BOTTOM Let’s hope that Community, Culture and Leisure Minister Graham Cregeen spends some of his 20p an hour pay increase on a pair of mittens. He’s going to need them this winter to … Continue reading

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Bell needs to ring the changes in the next year

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It’s been 52 weeks since the Isle of Man held its general election – the first year with Allan Bell at the helm as chief minister. So how has the Ramsey MHK, who for so long seemed destined to be … Continue reading

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Can we bank on Eddie Teare to get the economy back on track?

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Eddie Teare In a year of austerity that has seen some pretty tough cuts to services in the Isle of Man, but with the promise of some much tougher ones to come, it is only right that we turn our … Continue reading

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Could the Government of National Unity please strive to be more unified?

There have been interesting conversations and responses following the last blog posting on the mess left at the Isle of Man’s Department of Education and Children by the recently sacked minister Peter Karran. Particularly interesting was the Twitter debate that ensued following the news … Continue reading

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