It’s been a while …

It’s been a while since the last blog. Nearly three years in fact, if you discount the small spot of self-indulgence last year when I had the good fortune to win a contest.

Now that both children are in school, the theory is that I might have a little more time to dedicate to writing things for which I don’t get paid (i.e. blogs).

I’ve been dipping my toe into the fiction market. Some of my earlier attempts are probably destined to reside in the unpaid market too, but things are moving on.

There is some interesting news is on the horizon in terms of producing work worthy of publication. That’s part of the reason for resuscitating the blog, as I venture into the land of short fiction and, hopefully, beyond.

I’ve also given the blog a new title, Twisted, to reflect a little more its primary purpose from now on.

If you were to ask anyone with ambitions in the world of fiction, you’d find that one of the biggest obstacles they face on the path to progress is the fear of looking like a fool.

Picture: Gary Weightman
Hair: Robyn (my wife’s hairdresser)
Hat: Next, I think
Jacket: Bought in Liverpool after deciding a fleece didn’t cut it for Velvet Revolver gigs
T-shirt: Guns N’ Rose merchandise stall, Slane Castle

Of course, I mean by putting your words out their for rejection, but also in trying to promote those same words to a critical public.

You’re laying yourself bare and putting yourself up for ridicule.

You also have to lose inhibitions about promoting yourself, even to the extent of challenging someone to make you look passable.

Now, there have been plenty of photos of me in the media over the years, thanks to the day job as a journalist. But newspapers have a propensity of asking you to smile for the camera.

This normally results in what I’ve started to dub the journo-gurn. I have decided that doesn’t really work if I’m trying to portray myself as a purveyor of dark fiction.

Fortunately, the very talented Gary Weightman, of Vannin Photos, agreed to help me out with a few new pictures, such as the one you see here.

Whether Gary’s photography and my fictional forays will remove the fear of looking foolish, time will tell.

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