Early morning starts drive desperate dad to poetry (with apologies to Axl Rose)

It’s finally happened. The early mornings have driven me to poetry. So, it’s time to show some solidarity with all the other parents of babies out there.

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It’s 5am: A parent’s lament

It’s 5am and we’re both awake;

You’ve barely been to sleep, for Heaven’s sake.

But you’re making lots of noise to express your need:

It’s time to get up for yet another feed.


It’s 5.30am; I think you’ve nodded off.

So I put you down, then wake you with a cough.

Amid all the noise and through all the fuss,

I thank the Lord that we’ve got Sky Plus.


It’s 6am and we’re doing fine,

As long as I keep singing Sweet Child O’Mine;

But I forget some words and my pitch is shoddy,

So it’s time to try out some Showaddywaddy.


It’s 6.30am – you seem rather unhappy;

An aroma suggests what’s in your nappy.

A quick change; then your mood is less shitty,

Thanks to the iPad and Paradise City.


It’s 7am and you’re finally sleeping.

It’s just as well, I was nearly weeping.

But it feels so good to catch a break.

What’s that noise? Your brother’s awake….


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2 Responses to Early morning starts drive desperate dad to poetry (with apologies to Axl Rose)

  1. Kate says:

    Love your blog! It’s informative and witty especially if you have an interest in Manx politics, and with a 10 month old son of my own, I’m feeling the solidarity with this post for sure! Thanks, Kate

  2. Mike Grant says:

    Nice work. I have been in that situation Paul but thankfully I haven’t yet been driven to poetry. When I look back I simply don’t know how we did it when our boys were just babies. I still count my blessings every night I get a full 8 hour’s sleep.

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