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The trouble with Michael Gove

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Michael Gove has unveiled his grand plan to ditch GCSEs. It shouldn’t come as too great a surprise. He wants students to have a nice big exam to sit at the end of their studies. The biggest surprise is that … Continue reading

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Will the next year end with us having had our Phil of Gawne? (With David Icke/Atlantis conspiracy footnote)

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Today, as the review of Manx ministerial performances continues its relentless journey, we turn our attention to the Minister for Environment, Food and Agriculture, the Honourable Phil Gawne. (Note, if you’ve read the main article already, head to the foot … Continue reading

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Crystal ball gazing for the year ahead in Manx politics

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The summer is nearly over, so it’s time to take a look at the political year looming ahead. Here are six predictions for the Isle of Man. At least one of the current Council of Ministers will not be in … Continue reading

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Now That’s What I Call Tynwald….With Bonus Tracks

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So popular has Now That’s What I Call Tynwald proven, it is being reissued with bonus tracks. Hot on the heels of the success of Samantha Barks and Davy Knowles, the powers that be in the Manx parliament decided to … Continue reading

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Can John Shimmin prove that, politically, he’s not DED from the neck up? (With MGP update)

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Continuing the series of end of term assessments of Allan Bell’s Council of Ministers, we today turn our attention to John Shimmin, the man at the helm of the Department of Economic Development. Prior to the Bell-Karran head to head … Continue reading

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Chris Robertshaw: Could give MHKs ants in their political pants

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With Tynwald in summer recess, it’s time for some reflection and an assessment of the performance of those in Allan Bell’s Council of Ministers. This was the Council of Ministers launched by Mr Bell with the slogan of a Government … Continue reading

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Could the Government of National Unity please strive to be more unified?

There have been interesting conversations and responses following the last blog posting on the mess left at the Isle of Man’s Department of Education and Children by the recently sacked minister Peter Karran. Particularly interesting was the Twitter debate that ensued following the news … Continue reading

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