Oh no, it isn’t Act 2 of the House of Keys panto is it? (Oh yes it is)

At long last, following a lengthy review process and the compilation of a consultants’ report, we have Act Two of the House of Keys panto.

The first act of Peter Down the Pan, if you cast your mind back far enough, told the story of Peter, who lost his genie, called Credibiity.

Now we pick up the story with Peter reflecting on his life. He’s moved out Never Never Land and climbed the Welfare Beanstalk to Cloud Cuckoo Land, which is where we take up the story…

‘Some of my decisions may not have been popular,’ says Peter. ‘But I had to make those decisions to make sure students could afford university.’

Then there is a rumbling sound in the distance and the thunderous thud of a giant’s footsteps.

A large voice booms: ‘Tuition fee, fie, fo fum….’

Cut to the comedy sideshow as Cannan and Ball make a guest appearance with the entertaining idea that we seek off-island assistance in deciding what would be an appropriate wage for members of Tynwald.

After some polite chuckling, the idea exits stage left, to the relief of the wider world.

There is then an interruption as speculation increases that the panto is to become the subject of a film.

Excitement is soon quashed, however, when realisation hits that even if a film is made, the likelihood of it – or any other film shot here – creating a profit for the Isle of Man is something akin to the prospects of John Terry winning Sports Personality of the Year.

Then, the Gaiety Theatre is ‘corporatised’ and the panto is closed down before it reaches a conclusion

Is that the end? On no, it isn’t.

‘I know,’ says Tinkerer Bell. ‘We’ll take it on the road in a bendy bus. We can call it Roamin’ Comin…’

Unfortunately, however, the touring version of the House of Keys panto also has to be cut short.

This is because Atos has carried assessments of the island’s MHKs and, in a bizarre twist, ruled that many of them are not fit for the job.

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