Forget bendy buses, Segways on seafront could lead to return of prom heyday

The promenades of Douglas could in future become as busy as they were at the height of the Isle of Man’s tourism heyday.

But it may not be pedestrians who take up the space. The road racing capital of the world could end up seeing another sort of contest, as different modes of transport vie for superiority on the seafront.

It’s an enticing prospect.

We’ve just seen the launch of Segways on the shore side. For those who don’t know what a Segway is, try to imagine half a hand-powered rail car from a silent movie, with a battery installed to remove the need for pump propelled motion. In many countries they have even been employed by police forces.Now there’s a thought…

Anyway, they look like quite a lot of fun and a local firm is now operating tours of the proms out of the Villa Marina Arcade.

So we can add that mode of transport to the cyclists using the designated lane from one end of the seafront to the other.

Segways are permitted to do a maximum of 6mph on the proms, so many cyclists should be confident of still being the fastest on the front. Mind you, a pretty brisk walker could probably keep ahead of these electric wheelie bins over a short distance, too.

Last Friday also saw the close of the latest consultation proposals to revamp the promenades. One of the items on the table is the possibility of moving the horse tram tracks to the seaward side of the road.

It could get a little busy over there.

Should we stop the transport kaleidoscope at that? The government has started talking about bendy buses again, but there are much better options available for the front.

Why not harness the aerial threat from the sea gulls that hover above?

Harness literally, that is. Surely there’s an opportunity to have gull-pulled rickshaws along the seafront? They’re big fellas, those herring gulls, with a bit of an attitude, but surely they could be trained? A couple of them to each rickshaw would do the trick.

And how energy efficient and environmentally friendly would all this be? Three modes of transport in one place; none of them guzzling fossil fuels.

Not to mention the opportunity of compost for the rose gardens nearby.

Why restrict it to Douglas seafront? If the government and the unions are unable to resolve their differences in the bus dispute, what about Segway Charabancs transporting commuters in and out of the town centre?

So there you have it. No more consultations necessary; we’ve solved public transport and parking problems for Douglas town centre and seafront with one fell swoop.

There’s no need to thank me.

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