Who has been the best chief minister of the Isle of Man?

Since the ministerial system of government was first introduced to the Isle of Man in 1986, there have been five chief ministers.

Who do you think has been the best? Here’s a very brief reminder of the five and then you can cast your vote.

MILES WALKER (1986-1996). First of the bunch, serving for the longest time. Mild mannered. Once had huge falling out with current chief minister Allan Bell, who was forced to resign after criticism of a deal he oversaw as tourism minister. Reliable for milk deliveries, though.

DONALD GELLING (1996-2001, 2004-2006). Laid back Donny the Tractor stepped up from Treasury Minister to take over from the soon to be knighted Miles Walker. Not renowned for being overly dynamic, his approach did bring some calm with his return following Richard Corkill’s resignation.

RICHARD CORKILL (2001-2004). Looked a bit like Ned Flanders and will always be remembered for being the only chief minister to quit mid-term after he was arrested as part of a police investigation into allegations over the payment of tourism grants. Mr Corkill was never charged with anything.

TONY BROWN (2006-2011). Easily the best facial hair of all the chief ministers, but isn’t regarded too fondly just yet – history may be kinder depending on how his successors perform. Was elected as chief minister by MHKs despite not standing in first round of voting. The first round candidates stood aside when he came forward.

ALLAN BELL (2011-????). Captain of a sinking ship, or master of the Isle of Man’s destiny? We don’t know yet if he’ll turn around the island’s economic fortunes, but he isn’t exactly spoiled for choice in selecting his team.

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