Superman sticks it to The Man – Incredible Hulk and others follow suit

DC Comics has revealed that Clark Kent is quitting his job as a journalist on the Daily Planet. Ostensibly, it is in protest at the fact that ‘hard news’ is giving way to ‘soft’ entertainment stories.

There’s a hint that he may turn his journalistic skills to blogging. I must declare an interest in commenting on such a move, but I think that’s a splendid idea.

A Superman writer has explained:  ‘This is really what happens when a 27-year-old guy is behind a desk and he has to take instruction from a larger conglomerate with concerns that aren’t really his own.’

So it seems Clark Kent, alter ego of Superman, has chosen a good moral high ground for his departure, but if he’s like most other journalists, then it was probably as much to do with poor wages, long hours and little appreciation.

It’s not a happy time for journalists in the print media at the moment.  Job losses abound and the pressure of competing in a multimedia world does not make life any easier for those who remain.

While Superman may be able to repel all sorts of weapons, perhaps Clark Kent actually chose to dodge a bullet that was heading towards him.

Or is it just a case of Clark Kent and Superman sticking it to The Man. If so, what can we expect next from superheroes quitting their saving the world role to make a stand?

  • Fed up with the bad publicity and the stresses of the job, The Incredible Hulk quits to become the Jolly Green Giant and spend his time eating sweetcorn.
  • Wonder Woman realises she could make much more money competing on the tennis circuit, but is disappointed to have her gender and sexuality constantly questioned.
  • Lassie and Champion the Wonder Horse team up to free animals in circus captivity, to form an elite battalion of show-offs with limited communication skills.
  • Captain America, horrified at the possibility of Mitt Romney becoming President of the USA, defects and becomes Captain Canada, where he learns to speak French and is immediately appointed to high political office.
  •  Captain Caveman forms Team Troglodite, a political party full of Neanderthals. Coincidentally, membership of the UK Conservative Party drops dramatically. He is quickly named the Daily Mail’s man of the year.

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