Here is the GNUs: Isle of Man ministerial league table confirmed

Now that the final minister has been under the microscope, the league table of just who scored the top GNU rating after the first year of the new Isle of Man Government can be revealed.

To recap, GNU stands for Government of National Unity, a phrase coined by Chief Minister Allan Bell when he became the island’s leader, possibly in an attempt to explain why he chose to offer a ministerial position to someone so clearly unsuited to the role as Peter Karran.

Mr Karran’s subsequent sacking from his position as education minister, plus the constant mentioning of the Government of National Unity not acting in a particularly unified manner, means that Mr Bell has begun to distance himself from the phrase.

However, during a series of reviews of the ministerial performances by Mr Bell’s cabinet, a GNU rating was used to mark each minister out of 10.

And it can now be revealed that the joint winners were Eddie Teare – arguably Allan Bell’s closest ally, or likely to be his biggest fall guy, depending on your point of view – and Graham Cregeen, who scored so highly, in part, because he has yet to really express any opinion, having only been in his job a few weeks.

Tim Crookall, now freed from the shackles of trying to find silly things to waste taxpayers’ money on, which seemed to be his priority at the Department of Community, Culture and Leisure, is now at education. He finished bottom of the table.

I should explain that Peter Karran was excluded, mainly for the fact that he was always going to be the worst minister we’ve seen in some time. And also that he isn’t a minister any more.

Below is the league table in full. If you click on the names, it takes you through to their full review to show you how they reached their score.

1. Eddie Teare                  9/10

Graham Cregeen             9/10

3. David Anderson          7/10

David Cretney                  7/10

John Shimmin                 7/10

6. Phil Gawne                   6/10

Chris Robertshaw           6/10

Juan Watterson               6/10

9. Tim Crookall               4/10

There is now a review of the performance of Allan Bell himself.

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