Now That’s What I Call Tynwald….With Bonus Tracks

Musical future: Tynwald Hill

So popular has Now That’s What I Call Tynwald proven, it is being reissued with bonus tracks.

Hot on the heels of the success of Samantha Barks and Davy Knowles, the powers that be in the Manx parliament decided to release their own album.

It was a combination of cover versions, remixes and bad puns and the public clamour for more has led to this Special Edition with extra tracks, some taking a retro look back at happier times when the Manx economy wasn’t in quite such a megamix.

Here, for the first time, we can reveal exclusively the full track listing for Now That’s What I Call Tynwald, with bonus tracks added at the end:

For Whom The Bell Tolls by Metallica and the chief minister

Count to 10 And Run For Cover (2013 Budget megamix) by Tearedrop Explodes

You Can’t Always Get What You Want played by the Department of Economic Development whenever people demand to know why they’re not being told anything about film industry finances.

Paint Your Bandwagon by Brenda Cannell

Hell’s Bell by AC/DC

Love in a Welfare Escalator by Aerosmith, featuring Chris Robertshaw

We Care A Lot (Manx public version) by Faith No More

School’s Out by Alice Cooper and Peter Karran

Penny Pinching Lane by the Council of Ministers

Living on a Prayer by Successive Administrations

Now Those Days Are Gone by the Current Administration

Dead End Street (VAT cuts mix) by The Kinks

Dazed and Confused (Juan Watterson bus version) by Led Zeppelin

The Importance of Being Idle by Oasis and the Legislative Council

The Fool on the Hill by The Beatles (33 different versions)

Money for Nothing  by Dire Straits (what the Manx public are putting in and getting out, plus the situation we’re in).

Bonus tracks:

The Shimmin Shake by The Wiggles

Knockin’ on Southlands Door by Bob Dylan and Chris Robertshaw (released courtesy of EMI)

You Ain’t Seen Nothing’ Yet by Juan Turner Overdrive

I Got You Babe by Peter Karran and Kate Beecroft

Hard to Handle by The Pam Crowes

St Jude’s by Paul McCartney (live performance from the spectacular ceremony to mark the opening of a paper bag).

Walker This Way by Run DMC featuring Sir Miles

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