Space travel, the moon and a shocking confession (now with update)

A spaceship, currently residing in a hangar in the north of the Isle of Man

Developments at the end of August require an update to this article, first issued at the start of the month when I commented that I had seen my work back in print, which is always a nice feeling.

The piece in question was an article about how a firm based in the Isle of Man, my home country, could be the first to send man beyond the moon in the new space race: for commercial travel into so far untapped lunar areas. At the bottom of this piece is now an update detailing how the Isle of Man’s credibility in the Space Race has increased further.

It all seems rather far-fetched, especially if you know that the Isle of Man is a small island with a population of about 85,000, resting happily in the Irish Sea between the UK and Ireland.

But hopefully, if you read the Money Media article that I’ve attached in the link below, you’ll realise that it is possible.

Excalibur Almaz is the firm behind the plan and, while based in the Isle of Man, it features USA business brains and no little amount of former Soviet space technology.

One of the most interesting parts of the interviews was the incredible array of impressive names of the people involved. Any firm that has someone called Buckner Hightower involved is alright by me.

The feature was also my first foray into taking photographs specifically for publication. I owe some thanks to a friend who lent me a camera and lens worthy of the task (I’ve since made a purchase). I know why, when I was a news editor, I always used to prefer to send a photographer as well as a reporter – so each can concentrate on their task – but fortunately this interview and photo call event was organised in a way in which I had time to get the words and take the pictures.

I’ve included one example of the pictures with this posting, but you can see more results by visiting the link below to the emag version of Money Media (just turn to pages four and five)

I have one small confession to make. I’ve just been to a take away and noticed there was a copy of Money Media on the table in the waiting area.

I turned to my article and then left it open on that page for other connoisseurs of Chinese food to peruse while they await their order.



It has just been announced (August 30) that the Isle of Man is now the fourth most likely nation to put a man on the Moon, moving up one from fifth. Only the USA, Russia and China are deemed more likely.

Ascend Consultancy, which put the Island in fifth place in 2010, has moved us up the table and the odds have been slashed from 50-1 to 20-1. That means we’ve overtaken India.

This increased probability is due in no small part to the higher profile of Excalibur Almaz, the subject of my feature in Money Media. (I’m guessing the ranking by Ascend is not a direct result of my piece but, hey, it may be worth a pint the next time we meet up.)

It has also been revealed that Neil Armstrong, who was the first man on the moon, actually visited the Isle of Man in 2010 as a guest of Dr John Taylor, inventor of the world-famous Chronophage clock, who happens to live here.

Apparently everyone was sworn to secrecy about Armstrong’s visit, which has only now been revealed following the death of the legendary astronaut.

Meanwhile, as mentioned in another post, a wild conspiracy involving the Isle of Man, Atlantis, and helium mining in Saturn has been spotted.

Here’s a link to my piece on how all that came about:

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