Five reasons to read Safe House by Chris Ewan

Author Chris Ewan

This week saw the launch of Safe House by Chris Ewan. It is a crime thriller set in the Isle of Man, where Chris lives, and is his first stand-alone full-length novel, following on from four successful books in his Good Thief’s Guide series.

It has represented a slight departure for Chris in that the book is in a darker vein than the Good Thief series and he has stepped up from operating a purely first person narrative. But the changes of perspective are clear to follow and add to the story-telling.

Those in the Isle of Man will love it. We don’t get many contemporary novels set here.

But you don’t need to live in the island to enjoy this thriller. It is very good

I don’t intend to write a full review in this blog, but instead, give five reasons why you should read it.

  1. It is fast paced, there are times when you may risk paper cuts from the speed you are turning pages. The chapters run on from each other like an incredibly satisfying domino rally.
  2. While this is a more traditional ‘straight’ crime thriller compared with the Good Thief’s Guide series, there are moments of dry humour that arrive in a non-intrusive manner.
  3. It has all the right ingredients: an unexplained death, a mystery blonde, kidnap, spies, motorbikes, conspiracy, deeply unpleasant henchmen and a dog.
  4. The timespan covered in the book is a handful of days. An awful lot is crammed into those days.
  5. You won’t work out the ending early (okay you might), but nor is it a finale so complicated or convoluted that you’ll hurl the book across the room.

 In short, it’s an excellent read.

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